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Invisalign vs Metal Braces

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Invisalign vs Metal Braces

Invisalign® Straightens Teeth Without Metal Braces

In the past, metal braces were the best treatment for straightening teeth. Today, Invisalign®, with its groundbreaking orthodontics technology, offers a wealth of advantages when compared with traditional metal and wire braces .

Most dental patients prefer Invisalign® to traditional orthodontics for several reasons.

  • Almost Invisible: As the name implies, Invisalign® is transparent, made of durable medical grade plastic and not as obvious as metal braces. Most patients, especially adults prefer not to have metal tracks in their mouth.

    We custom fit a series of clear aligners to reposition your teeth. The almost invisible aligners are molded to gradually straighten your teeth into a beautiful smile.

  • Better Oral Hygiene: Unlike metal braces — where food is prone to become trapped in the bands or metal, Invisalign® is not comprised of any heavy hardware. Keeping your teeth free of plaque, particles and tooth decay is quite easy with Invisalign®. The custom molded aligners are removable and simplify oral hygiene. Invisalign® offers straighter teeth while it:
    • Prevents periodontal disease
    • Eliminates plaque buildup
    • Reduces tooth decay
  • Prevention of Additional Dental Problems: There’s no need to worry about triggering other dental problems. Metal braces have a reputation for intensifying TMJ, promoting other chewing difficulties and speech impediments. Straightening your teeth with the Invisalign® technology that does not aggravate other dental complications.
  • No Food Restrictions: With traditional orthodontics, certain foods are restricted; however, the Invisalign® technology lets you eat whatever you please. More importantly at Invisalign® technology does not disrupt your life.
  • Comfortable and Secure: Compared to metal braces, the underlying benefit of Invisalign® is the comfort level. Completely wire-, rubber band- and metal—free, patients experience less dental irritation and require fewer adjustments or dental appointments. Our 3-D computer technology will allow you to actually see how your teeth will look after treatment.

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